Haunted Mansions

Beaumanor Hall, Leicestershire, Friday 11th October 2019


Abington Park, Former Hospital, Northampton, Friday 25th October 2019


Guy's Cliffe, Warwick, Warwickshire, Sunday 27th October 2019


The Mansion House, Cardiff, Saturday 2nd November 2019


Revesby Abbey, Lincolnshire, Saturday 23rd November 2019


Guy's Cliffe, Warwickshire, Saturday 30th November 2019


Stanley Palace, Chester, Cheshire,Saturday 7th December 2019


Guy's Cliffe, Warwick,Warwickshire, Saturday 25th January 2020


The House That Cries, Wolverhampton,  Saturday 8th February 2020


Beaumanor Hall, Loughborough, Leicestershire, Friday 6th March 2020


St Johns House, Warwick, Warwickshire, Friday 13th March 2020


Margam Castle, Port Talbot, South Wales, Saturday 21st March 2020


Revesby Abbey,Revesby,  Lincolnshire, Saturday 28th  March 2020


Guys Cliffe Warwickshire, Saturday 18th April 2020



Revesby Abbey, Lincolnshire, Saturday 23rd May 2020



It's no wonder that beaumanor hall has seen so much Paranormal activity over the last 20 years, This House was built in 1842 however two previous houses  have stood in this spot since 1277. Wandering across the grounds and has also been seen on the main stairwell is a female spirit known as the grey lady. Many believe that this is the lady of the Manor ( Perry herrick). A recent account of activity was by a workman working in the attic where he fled leaving all his tools and refused to ever return. The attic has a very strange and suppressive feel to the point of making you feel as though you are being watched. Doors are often heard slamming shut on the upper levels of the main house, windows banging and disembodied voices.  Elizabeth one of the servants who worked here is said to be heard whispering from one of the empty rooms in the old quarters. Home to the British Armed forces many believe that soldiers haunt the now blocked up tunnels leading from the house to the main village.

Various different sightings and occurrences have been reported by both staff and visitors, including dark shadows and figures that have been sighted in various areas of the building, disembodied footsteps and voices coming from behind a locked doors, and feelings of sadness, anger and distress.

Visitors have also reported the feeling of being watched, and some have felt a presence standing close to them, even though they have been alone at the time. A member of staff was left terrified after having their arm grabbed by an unseen hand whilst locking up.

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Conditions in the asylum are not believed to have been overly cruel or unpleasant, however it has been reported that during this time two patients hung themselves. Over the years, guests have reported feelings of great sadness and distress in the area where the bodies were discovered.