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People's desire to know what awaits us on the other side is growing stronger, many people are looking for physical proof, some look for signs and many of us are often just either intrigued or have many unanswered questions. Paranormal Eye welcomes you all to our ghost hunting events, from newcomers to experienced small groups.  We hold ghost hunting events across the Country in many of the UK's most haunted and spookiest locations, Will you be joining us ?


Home Page  Paranormal eye ghost hunts

Home page  Paranormal eye Ghost Hunts 

The Paranormal Eye is a team of Spiritual Mediums, and paranormal Investigators, the team have a huge passion for the paranormal  and strive to give you the very best ghost hunting experience. We invite the general public to join us as we open the doors, unlock the gates to some of the UK's most haunted locations, these locations are steeped in history and many have so many untold stories.

We use a wide range of techniques and equipment on your ghost hunt from spirit boards, Seances, Table tipping and Glass divination to more modern equipment like Sls Cameras, Spirit Boxes, EMF`s K2 Meters. However the best form of communication is to come to our events with an open mind. The team will not try to influence you in anyway we like you to make your own mind up. Remember to wrap up warm as these buildings can be bitterly cold even during the summer months, wear comfortable footwear, as there can be a lot of walking  and stairs to climb. Remember to bring your Torch !




Paranormal Eye hold many ghost hunts across some of the UK's most sinister haunted locations. Join us as we aim to make contact with the spirits that reside within these buildings and as we attempt to unlock some of their dark hidden secrets. Face your fears, from Castles, mansions and underground tunnels will you dare enter into total darkness.

Join the team for an evening of paranormal investigating at some of UK`s most eerie/creepy and haunted places. Keep an eye out as we add new locations daily.