The Abandoned Park Hotel Morecambe Ghost Hunts

Abandoned Park Hotel, Morecambe, Lancashire Saturday 16th March 2019 8pm till 1.00am only £35.00 Per Person

The Park Hotel in Morecambe was once a beautiful elegant hotel for the wealthy , Now totally abandoned. This hotel is an extremely vast location with many rooms to investigate including daunting long creepy corridors, servants quarters, cellars, an old library full of old books many which date back to the 1940`s. There is also many old guest bedrooms. Steeped in untold history, this hotel still has many of its original features. This Grand hotel was left abandoned join the paranormal eye team as we open the doors and welcome you to the five floors of many rooms and stairways to investigate. Are you ready to enter the sheer darkness of this once thriving ho

Meet The Ghosts of the Abandoned Park Hotel

Dating back to the Victorian times, The Park Hotel has had thousands of visitors through its doors , Its no wonder it has received hundreds of reports of strange and unexplained happenings. Known to the locals as a haunted Hotel, There have reports of dark Dark ghostly figures and shadows seen wandering through the walls going from room to room. Female screams have been heard from the servants quarters whilst nobody was there. The observatory has been rumored to have always had a green light shining through the dark hours this was supposed to warn away evil spirits. On Previous ghost hunts here there has been reports of people being grabbed and pushed down stairways, drastic temperature changes and disembodied voices heard. Many refuse to go alone in this daunting location Can you ?

History of The Abandoned Park Hotel

Up until the mid-1800’s, with the arrival of The Morecambe Harbour Railway, the area that is now the West End was mainly just sand dunes and farm land This map from 1848 on the Heysham Heritage Association website clearly shows the curve of the beach line around the Battery and down along Sandylands. The first phase of building along Marine Road West seems to have begun around 1870 and led to a very rapid growth of boarding houses, hotels and theatres, as well as gardens and of course the West End Pier at the end of Regent Road. The West End soon became packed full of beautiful buildings and today it’s full of history. The Mitchell and Kenyon film below shows the promenade from the battery down to the Stone Jetty


Working in small groups, participating in Ouija/spirit board sessions, Evp Sessions, Table tipping, seances and many other different techniques. Tea/coffee and light snacks throughout the evening. Please remember to wear suitable footwear as this location has a lot of stairs and very uneven floors. This Location is not suitable for people with walking and mobility issues. OVER 18`s ONLY

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