Image Gallery By John Pilkington

Some of the art we have had the pleasure of using is actually amazing and the photography of that art is down to non other than John Pilkington.


All Images are the property of John, should you want to use any of these images please contact John Pilkington Direct via his website

Drakelow Tunnels, Kidderminster

3,5 miles of sheer darkness and terror. That is the only we can way we can describe Drakelow Tunnels in Wolvey just outside Kidderminster. These maze of tunnels are pitch black and sit empty except for the many ghosts and spirits within. The paranormal activity witnessed and reported on our ghost hunts has been terrifying. The deaths that have happened here many are from accidents. Prepare to be scared , as these ghosts will make themselves known many people have been pushed and pulled and grabbed. There is no light only a torch light for guidance.

Guys Cliffe House, Warwick

Guys Cliffe house is a remote location totally isolated from the outside world, only allowing a few visitors a year through its gates this is truly a hidden gem. This location offers many areas to investigate with caves, cellars, house ruins, masonic chapel and secret underground chambers. The name Guy's Cliffe originates from the name of the country house and estate that the land belonged to, which in turn was named after the cliff which the house itself was built on. The house has been in a ruined state since the late 20th century.Ghost hunts here at this magnificent house are a truly terrifying experience. Weather you are a seasoned ghost hunter or a first timer Guys Cliffe House is a must ! The Many Ghosts of Guys Cliffe House Join the Paranormal Eye team at this truly haunted location, Spend the night in search of the many ghosts that do haunt here. The coach house is an secluded hidden cavern, this is home to a coffer that is said to date back to the early 1200`s. Many guests in this area feel extremely uneasy reports of strange swirls of lights and mists are often witnessed here along with what sound likes stones being thrown. The butchers parlor many are too afraid to venture into this area as dark shadows are often seen and reports of heavy footsteps coming from the above . The underground chambers are particularly active, many guests refuse to even enter these areas. Poltergeist activity has also been witnessed here. Heavy footsteps and dragging noises are frequently heard above the Chapel , strange bright shooting white lights are common. The caves have reports of a tall dark shadow many refer to him as the hooded figure he has tremendous energy and does make his presence known.

Ordsall Hall, Manchester

Ghost hunts here at Ordsall Hall can be a truly terrifying experience. Known for the many sightings of a white lady nobody can say who this enigmatic figure in white is, but most say that she is the spirit of Lady Margaret Radclyffe, who died, broken hearted, in 1599 after the death of her beloved brother Alexander. Sir John Radclyffe is Said to inhabit the Star Chamber - this former Lord of the Manor is said to be very keen on the ladies! On previous investigations here many guests have reported being touched or pushed and some have reported what appears to be someone touching their face when nobody is present. The Attic is a place many refuse to go alone reports have been the feeling of being pushed over balcony, the feeling of being watched, sudden temperature drops and the sound of doors being opened. Are you brave enough to join the paranormal eye team here at Ordsall Hall ?

Dudley Castle, Dudley, West Midlands

Ghost hunts here at the castle are certainly not for those afraid of the dark, and not for the feint hearted. Dark hooded figures are often seen and sensed by many guests especially on the lawned area and one of the main walkways of the Castle. Deep cold icy breaths are often felt along with what appears to sound like groans. Many guests report that they get the feeling they are being watched many report being grabbed ! Join the paranormal eye team as we unlock the castle and seek the many ghosts that are said to haunt here.

Old Gresley Hall, Derbyshire

Old Gresley Hall is situated in the remote village of Church Gresley on the outskirts of Derbyshire. This unique building dates back to the 16th century, The stone that was used to build this old hall was the stone from the old priory that was situated here in the grounds. Ghost hunts here at the old hall can be a truly frightening experience. Many guests have reported being pushed by an unseen presence, some guests have reported a feeling of grabbed. Unexplained and sudden cold spots are also a common occurrence here. This location is a totally derelict and almost abandoned except for the ghosts within. Join the Paranormal Eye Team as we enter the haunted area of Derbyshire and welcome you to the old hall as we unlock the doors to paranormal world.

St Catherines Former Hospital, Doncaster

St Catherine’s former Hospital, was originally built as a family manor house, the house was owned by the Banks Family for approximately 100 years. On the 18th July 1928 the house complete with all it`s contents was sold. To this day some of the original furniture still stands in this building. This beautiful manor house then became a Mental Institution for those that suffered with mental illnesses and disabilities , This building in those days was ideal as the patients where completely isolated and out of sight from the general public, a totally secluded location. In 1845 this building was called Saint Catherine's Institution and in 1959 as regulations started to change the building was called Saint Catherine's Hospital. This building today stands on the foundations of the former isolation Hospital. The Hospital had a psychiatric unit, two children`s wards, a chest clinic and a sanatorium for both men and women, the sanatoriums were located away from the other areas. The Kitchen area is still in use to this day. Unfortunately over the many years, this building has seen many deaths take place.

Ryecroft Hall, Manchester

Ryecroft Hall is sitauted in manchester, and is an extremely haunted old house ! This old house formely used as a hospital will you dare enter ? Paranormal Investigations have been truly frightening here, with dark ghostly shadows seen, the sound of voices coming from empty rooms and many people feeling extremely scared. The Hall was built in 1849 by James Buckley, The Hall took several years to build, The hall has a library, large dining room, study, billiard room, ball room as well as sitting rooms bedrooms and servants quarters. The outbuildings had stables and coach houses. Many of the rooms still have the original wood and the very ornate ceilings which are still in existence. James Buckley passed away in 1851 with the hall still unfinished and it was inherited by his son also called James, who then sold it to his brother William Smith Buckley who lived in the luxury of the hall until his passing in 1877. In 1885 the hall was passed on to Abel Buckley, William’s cousin. Strange unexplained things have been witnessed and reported here at the hall for many years.

Tettenhall Towers, Wolverhampton, West Midlands

Tettenhall Towers was once a large family home, .The property is now a grade II listed building which was originally built as a country house on the site of The Holly Bush Inn by Thomas Pearson, on land purchased from the Foley family in the late 18th century. It is set in 26 acres and is located in Wood Road, Tettenhall. In 1853, Colonel Thomas Thorneycroft purchased the property and over the years he extended the house adding the 'towers', which gave it its name in 1866. The colonel was also a keen inventor, to the point he fitted so much ventilation in majority of the rooms here. There was a sinister side to the Colonel because among other things, Colonel Thorneycroft was known for pushing his butlers and servants off the top of the towers to test his flying machines, as he was a keen inventor. He also apparently used the towers as a means of communicating with his workforce across the Black Country, waving semaphore flags from the roof! Colonel Thorneycroft made many structural additions to the building, including a great hall complete with stage, and a theatre with seating for 500, featuring a giant indoor 44 foot cascade of water.

Armley Mills Industrial Museum, Leeds

Armley Mills in Leeds has a reputation dating back many years for unexplained happenings and being known as extremely haunted. on previous overnight ghost hunts here we have witnessed the slamming of doors, heavy footsteps are heard to approach when nobody is physically walking , Many guests have witnessed a dark shadow of what appears to be a gentleman dressed in old Victorian clothing. In the older parts of the mill, many people claim to smell burning and old tobacco smoke. This location is an extremely active location for poltergeist activity. Many guests refuse to go to toilets here in the mill alone. Once the largest woollen mill in the world, these vast mills at Armley once employed children as young as Seven in cruel harsh conditions at the height of the cotton boom, these young children are thought to tug on clothing, touch you and throw items in an attempt to gain attention. The ghosts of armley mills we believe some of them due to previous guests experiences are young children, however we also believe that there is one or two that can have a rather nasty side ! will you dare enter the mill with the Paranormal Eye team ?

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Margam Castle, Port Talbot, South Wales

Margam Castle is situated in Port Talbot, South Wales This is a truly unique and dramatic building that is said to house an extremely violent and angry spirit of a gamekeeper, reportedly murdered by a poacher. Many people have claimed that this extremely angry presence can be felt upon entering this huge Castle. With its grand staircase, many rooms and dark corridors, ghost hunts at Margam Castle are frightening and this has become an extremely interesting location to investigate. Will you dare enter the castle doors with the paranormal eye team ?