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Peoples Desire to know what awaits us on the other side is growing stronger, many people are looking for physical proof, some look for signs and many of us are often just either intrigues or have many unanswered questions. Paranormal Eye welcomes you all to our ghost hunting events, from newcomers to experienced small groups. Spend the night/evening with the team where you can take part in many experiments including Ouija/spirit boards, table tipping, glass divination, seances and so much more. We hold ghost hunting events across the Country in many of the UK`s most haunted and spookiest locations, Will you be joining us ?

Whatever the location you are looking for, we are sure that you will find something to suit, below are some of our available  upcoming events, however to see all our upcoming events, please click the link below. 

Carew Castle, Wales, Saturday 15th September 2018

Whittington Castle, Shropshire, Saturday 22nd September 2018

St Mary`s Guildhall, Coventry Saturday 13th October 2018

Paranormal Eye hold many ghost hunts across some of the UK's most sinister haunted locations. Join us as we aim to make contact with the spirits that reside within these buildings and as we attempt to unlock some of their dark hidden secrets. Face your fears, from Castles, mansions and underground tunnels will you dare enter into total darkness. 


I've been on two nights out with this company and have a third booked. You can't guarantee what you will or won't see, but you can guarantee a warm welcome and helpful can do attitude from Nicky and her team."
Ruth Roper

Guys Cliffe House, Warwickshire, Saturday 28th May 2016
"Hi, I thought you were extremely well  organized and ran an enjoyable event, I thought it was fun.
I am not used to going round old buildings in a group as I tend to do all my exploring on my own without permission.
It felt creepy at one point and that was when I stayed behind to shoot the out door cavern/ temple folly."
Regards John  

"From the start of the evening the team were friendly and you could tell how passionate they were about investigating the paranormal. Each of the group leaders we were with were really gifted and put you at ease and helped you get the best out of the evening. I loved the way this group worked so much that I have booked several other events with them and can't wait to meet them all again."
Elise Larkin

"Nicky and her team are absolutely fabulous, I could not recommend their investigations enough! Professional, friendly and always very welcoming"
Gem Mills

"We have done a few investigations with Nicky and her team, fab hosts and lovely people. Look forward to the next one."
Debbie Dickens

Guys Cliffe House, Warwickshire, Saturday 28th May 2016
"Hi, had a brill night not sure it's made me a believer but really enjoyed it will definitely come again had a really good time"  
Thanks Paul

Join the team for an evening of paranormal investigating at some of UK`s most eerie/creepy and haunted places. Keep an eye out as we add new locations daily.


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